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Welcome to Cross CTF 2017

Cross CTF 2017 is a cyber security competition by NUS Greyhats & SMU Whitehats that will be held in (location here) on (date here). In the competition, student teams from various tertiary institutions will compete to solve challenges which are set by an independent body.


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Competition Details

This competition is open to all students from various institutes of higher learning and polytechnics in Singapore. Participants are required to form a team of three to take part in the competition. Each team must achieve a minimum qualifying score in the qualifier round to be allowed to participate in the competition. There will be a total of 72 students competing in the final competition.

The final competition will take place on-site at SMU Labs, Level 1 to 3.

Participants are required to bring and utilize their own laptop(s) and equipment(s) for any activity/competition.

Qualifiers Details

The qualifiers for X-CTF will begin from 13/05/2017 until 14/05/2017, lasting 48 hours in total.

More details will be released through e-mail at a later date.

Rules of X-CTF

During the CTF,

  • Do not attack the PCs of other competitors.
  • Do not attack the scoring server.
  • Do not attack anything outside of the CTF environment.
  • etc...

Timeline of Event

Date Event
13/05/2017 0000hrs (Sat) Start of Qualifiers
14/05/2017 2359hrs (Sun) Closing of Qualifiers
15/05/2017 (Mon) Announcement of Qualifiers Result
17/06/2017 (Mon) CrossCTF 2017

Competition Day

Day 1
Time Programme
1100hrs - 1200hrs Registration, Distribution of Contest Instructions and Lunch
1200hrs - 1230hrs Opening Address by Sponsor
1230hrs - 1300hrs Competition Briefing by GameMaster
1300hrs Start of Cross CTF Finals
1500hrs Tea Break
1800hrs Dinner
2300hrs Supper
Day 2
0830hrs Breakfast
1300hrs End of Cross CTF Finals and Lunch
1600hrs - 1630hrs Closing Address Sponsors
1630hrs Prize Presentation by Guest of Honor


Standings Prizes
1st Place $4000
2nd Place $2000
3rd Place $1000